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Richard is fantastic to work with and we have always been delighted with what he has produced for us. He is often required to operate in pressurised conditions such as dress rehearsals, where there is only once chance to get the shot and he must turn around the job overnight.

Despite these restrictions, Richard always perfectly captures the essence of the subject and brings it to life. I know that when I book him for a job, we'll get exactly what we need, and more.

Kerryn Hurley
Press Manager
Scottish Opera.



I have been a professional theatre photographer for over 12 years, though my love of the theatre and this specialised area of photography go back to when I studied theatre at Glasgow University. I am often asked what makes my images so unique and it is all down to a love and understanding of the subject rather than any particular technical skill. I have often observed that the best wildlife photographers are naturalists first and photographers second and it is no different with this branch of photography.

My work as a theatre photographer includes most of Scotland’s leading theatre companies such as the National Theatre of Scotland, the Citizens’, the Tron, the Royal Lyceum and the Traverse. I also work extensively with Scottish Opera and many touring companies such as Grid Iron, Borderline and Rapture.