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I have always been fascinated by photography’s ability to capture a moment in time and provide a window onto that moment from which we can return again and again.

Theatre, by its very nature is ephemeral, with no two performances ever being exactly the same. Theatre companies and buildings also come and go over the years and this has formed the basis of two personal projects, both of which have resulted in exhibitions.

The first of these documented all the staff who worked at the Citizens’ Theatre in Glasgow during the final year of the Giles Havergal, Philip Prowse and Robert David Macdonald. The triumvirate, who were responsible for numerous groundbreaking productions, ran the Citizens’ from 1969 to 2003. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery later bought the exhibition, the first time they had ever bought a collection of portraits of this nature.

Another personal project grew from a desire to record and capture the spirit of the Mull Little Theatre before it was converted for use as a holiday home.

The Little Theatre at Dervaig on the Isle of Mull had a long history, having been established by Barry and Marianne Hesketh, two actors who moved to the island in the 1960's. The theatre was a feature of life on the island and with just over 40 seats was famous for being the smallest professional repertory company in the world. The project resulted in an exhibition at the An Tobar arts centre in Tobermory.