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I have worked on several projects with Richard and have built up a great relationship over many years now.

These have ranged from simple one off studio shots to large-scale projects in the studio or on location.

No matter the size of project the attention to detail and creative expertise have always shone through... we make a great team, which is crucial to the creative process.

Sacha Mason
Creative Director



As a commercial photographer, I am asked to photograph a wide variety of subjects from small products, which can be photographed using a studio still life table, to large products such as vehicles, which either need to be shot on location or in a large drive in studio. Often products have already been installed or delivered to a client, which involves taking high quality images suitable for a brochure in a working environment.

All of these situations require a great deal of experience in how to get the most out of a shoot and most importantly, your budget. If you’ve only budgeted for half a day’s shoot and I feel what you require will take a whole day, I will advise you of this beforehand. There’s no point in trying to cram a large number of shots into an unrealistic amount of time, as this will ultimately affect the overall quality. When budgets are limited, however I will suggest creative solutions that will help you achieve your goals with the budget you have available.