Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do I cover?

I have undertaken commissions the length and breadth of the UK as well as Europe, so there is actually no limit. If you require a photographer who is in close proximity to your shoot however, from my studio in Glasgow, I am within an hour’s drive of Edinburgh, Stirling, Hamilton, Motherwell, Ayrshire and Lanarkshire. I can also reach Perth, Fife and Dumfries in an hour and a half.

Do I retain copyright of the images?

A lot of people confuse copyright, which relates to the intellectual and artistic rights of the photographer who created the images and the rights to use the images, which are actually two separate things. I always retain the copyright of the images but for practical purposes this rarely affects most clients who commission me.

For general applications such as annual reports, brochures, websites and PR images for the press, I work on the basis that the client who has commissioned me is free to use the images for their own purposes, without the need to come back to me for approval. The only restriction to this is that the client can’t sell or loan those images to a third party without my permission.

As a practical illustration of this, I was once commissioned by a housing association to photograph an energy efficient heating system which had been installed in one of their developments. The housing association was later approached by the manufacturers of the heating system to see if they could use some of the images for their own brochure. As this constituted third party use, I advised them that the heating manufacturer would have to pay me an additional fee if they wanted to use the images.

The housing association was, however still able to supply the images I'd taken free to the press. As the articles were highlighting the work which the housing association was doing, the images were still being used for ‘their own purposes’.

The only exception to this is in advertising where the fees charged would reflect the size of a particular campaign and the period of use.

Hopefully this will make things a little clearer. If you are in any doubt then please call and I will be happy to discuss your particular requirements in more detail.

How soon can the images be supplied?

This is usually one of the first questions I ask a client. It really depends on how quickly you need them? Sometimes, a client needs the images sent to the press straight after the shoot, in which case I take along a laptop with a mobile broadband connection so I can edit the images and send them immediately. If time is less pressing, I can burn a CD there and then or post one a few days later.

Larger shoots will require more editing and post production time, in which case I will advise you beforehand when you can expect the images.

How much time is required for a portrait?

The answer to this really depends on what type of portrait is required. I am confident that I can produce a relaxed, smiling portrait of just about anyone in as little a 5 minutes. However, in order to produce a good boardroom portrait with a degree of individuality and character I would usually recommend up to 30 minutes. For a shoot of this type I would also usually arrive about 30-45 minutes beforehand to find a suitable location and set up any necessary lights.

Headshot sessions for actors and musicians usually take up to an hour, in order to obtain a good range of expressions and allow for changes of lighting and clothes.

Do I provide lighting on location?

Yes, if I feel it’s necessary. Before arriving, I will have gauged the scale and type of a shoot and decided what equipment to bring. Usually, I bring more than I actually need just in case I’m faced with an unexpected lighting situation.

Can I arrange for models and stylists?

Yes, I have a great deal of experience in this area and would be happy to arrange this for you, though there will be extra time involved in doing this.

Can I arrange locations for shoots?

Yes, and I often do. Having used numerous different types of locations over the years, I have acquired a very good knowledge of what’s available or if not I can find something that’s suitable. If it’s something very specific then some research time may be needed.

Any of your questions not answered?

Nothing is too trivial or too much trouble, so please feel free to email me or call me and I would be happy to discuss it with you.